One community. Ready for change.

Black Advocates for Education wants justice for our children.

We are sick and tired of the politics at all levels that serve the interests of adults rather than the needs of students. After years of waiting for “leaders” to do the right thing, and years of them rarely doing so, we realize we must be the tip of the spear if a┬áchange is gonna come. Systems don’t fix themselves. People won’t fire themselves. Those who profit from the wholesale failure of education to empower black children will not simply walk away from a $600 billion payday.

We are done waiting. We will lead.

One thought on “One community. Ready for change.

  1. I have been volunteering as a literacy tutor for 3 years. Mostly with people of color. Currently in a primary school in Mpls.

    I interested in learning more about you organization and the policies you are advocating for.


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