Exposing Jim Crow, Jr. in Minneapolis Public Schools

The data in Minneapolis speaks for itself. Less than half of the black males in Minneapolis graduate on time. Far fewer are proficient or ready for post school life. Some schools in Minneapolis are without a single proficient black student. This human catastrophe is happening in one of the wealthiest, and most college-educated states in the union. Right under the nose of liberal mecca, racialized outcomes for people of color are insufferable.

Enter BAE. We’ve had enough. And our leaders continue to side with the powers that be rather than the power of we. When news broke recently that our leaders on every level were involved in a questionable boondoogle involving a $375,000 no-bid contract granted to a non-existent community partner, we were done.

We are sick and tire. Our children need justice. We must be the tip of the spear.

So, last night we jammed up our “leader’s” twitter handles.

To see how it went down, click here.

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