Getting the MPS to focus on great leadership, and systemic change

This time of year is always hopeful. There is Rev. Martin Luther King’s birthday that brings many inspiring recollections of powerful civic action. Then we roll into black history month, a time to honor the outstanding contributions black people have made in the world.

Then nothing. The rest of the year is business as usual. Our people languish beneath the poor leadership and competing agendas of the powerful.

We know it doesn’t have to be that way.

BAE realizes we can’t challenge everything, all the time, but we can focus on the places where advocacy can change the game. For us that place is in education. There is nothing more important than the success of our children in public schools. We know their future won’t be bright without great schools, great leadership, and community accountability of our public systems.

Sadly, the way things look in Minneapolis Public Schools right now, our children are not getting the education or care they deserve. That must change.

We expect better for our students and we won’t stop until they have what they need.

Two days ago we sent the letter below to the Minneapolis school board calling attention to a few things we think matter most (for now).

Our short-term concern is with the hiring of the next district leader. That process should be transparent, community-inclusive, and focused on acquiring a fully credentialed, experienced superintendent who has a record of addressing educational disparities.

Our long-term focus is on systemic change that focuses on improving outcomes for black students.

Stand with us folks. Help us to advocate for better education in Minneapolis.

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