Hooray! MPS children have been emancipated from virtual slavery


During black history month we were incredulous to learn that Mission 2: Flight to Freedom, a “game” that virtualizes slavery and places students into the role of slave, was being used in at least one Minneapolis public school.

On February 18th BAE members sent the following message to Minneapolis Public Schools:

Dear Chair Arneson and Interim Superintendent Goar,

It has come to our attention that a student at Seward Montessori school has asked to opt out of participating in the use of Mission 2: Flight to Freedom, a software that simulates slavery.
We are disturbed that any children in the MInneapolis Public Schools would participate in the gamification of a human atrocity. For black children this “game” can be harmful and cause a hostile learning environment.
We would like to call your attention to two pieces of information:

First, a blog post by Rafranz Davis points out the problems with this slavery simulation software. Educators of color have widely rejected this software.

Second, she also highlights the fact that years ago black parents in Arizona sued for discrimination after their schools used slavery simulation software.

We call on you to end the use of this demeaning and debasing software in Minneapolis Public Schools. Please send a directive for all your schools insisting they stop using Mission 2: Flight to Freedom and any software that simulates slavery.
In the interim a deeper analysis of this story was done by Beth Hawkins writing for MinnPost. You can read there here.
We are happy that the Minneapolis Public Schools have done an investigation into the use of offensive slavery simulation software and concluded it is not appropriate for students. See their letter below.

MPS Slavery Simulation Complaint by Black Advocates for Education

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